Just bought a new handgun and want to learn more about how to properly use it?

This is a four hour class that focuses on the fundamentals of handgun shooting from a self defense perspective.   With a two to one student to instructor ratio, students will be able to maximize their time to learn and understand the fundamentals

Students will learn:

- Safety                         - Stance

- Grip                           - Sight Alignment

- Sight Picture              - Trigger Control and Follow through

- Reloads                      - Malfunctions

And how it all applies in the realm of self defense



Cost is $100

If you do not have a pistol or would like to try one out before you buy, we have access to many popular pistols that you can rent for use during the class for $20.


What to bring to the class

  1. A quality functioning pistol - (firearm malfunctions can take away from training time)

  2. Ammo - 200 rounds minimum

  3. Safety Glasses

  4. Ear Plugs &/or Muffs

  5. Dress for the weather - Class is outdoors


Upcoming Classes

To be scheduled.  Please contact us if interested


17248 470th Ave - Goodwin SD


Please contact us if you would like to be notified when we schedule our next class


Have a group of friends interesting in taking the class together?  Click the button below to contact us to schedule either a private class just for your group, or we will pick a date that works for your group, and we will do the rest to fill the class. 



"BEST CLASS FOR WOMEN!! The instructors were very respectful of all the women the class. They did not make me feel like a "blonde bimbo", the way I sometimes get going to some auto repair shops. The class was fun and informative. This is a perfect class for women who wish to learn basic safety and understanding of handguns. (My son was losing his patients trying to help me) A big THANK YOU to the instructors for taking the time out of their lives to provide this wonderful class to women. "

Melissa M.