Armed Vehicle Response is a firearms manipulation based class, with the primary focus on shooting from positions that can be utilized in and around vehicles.  This class is perfect for any Officer that spends time working around a squad car. 

Students will learn what parts of the vehicle can be utilized as cover and how to use it to their advantage.  A live fire ballistics demonstration will be done to show students exactly what common calibers will do when fired through various parts of the vehicles.

Students will also learn what tactics they can employ to quickly exit a vehicle and how to use their vehicle as cover if no other cover is available.

This is approximately an eight hour class (depending on class size) that starts out with a small classroom portion, then goes to the range where the live fire drills and ballistic demo will take place.  Time permitting the day will culminate in a final force on force drill.

This class is designed to be brought right to your agency to be taught to you whole department.   If you don't have enough officers to fill the class, we can market the class to help fill it.

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