Return to your department as a certified weapons training instructor. This course will allow the student to be certified or re-certified as a department trainer in law enforcement weapons. The care and maintenance and troubleshooting of these weapons and a variety of marksmanship techniques. This school is geared towards providing the law enforcement firearm instructor with the ability to create and implement sophisticated and practical agency specific firearm training programs. As an instructor, you will return to your agency ready to manage this critical need. A portion of this course will include night/low light shooting/instruction. The overall focus of this course is to provide dynamic and tactically sound training for the real world. 

This is a 5 day 44 hr, class that focuses on instructor development.  Not only training how to do something but understanding the why.  Our goal is to put out the most knowledgeable instructors possible.  This class will cover Handgun, Shotgun, and Rifle. 


Cost is $550 for new certifications, and $500 for re-certification.

The South Dakota LET approved course is a 40 hour handgun instructor course.




June 3-7 2019 at the White Earth Police Department (White Earth, MN)

August 5 - 9 at the Minnesota West Community College Worthignton, MN

October 7-10 Watertown South Dakota

This is a 40 Hour Handgun Instructor Course and Is Approved By South Dakota LET




"This class was one of the best classes I have taken. Cole is a very knowledgeable instructor and demonstrated what can be obtained with training and proficiency with your firearm. Student lead instruction was an outstanding idea and prepared me for the student led courses of fire. Cole’s answers to our questions were in-depth and he explained not just how to perform a task but why. As Cole stated in class individuals learn differently and he had no problems finding different ways to instruct to best fit the learning needs of the students. I would absolutely recommend this instructor’s course to anyone wanting to become a firearms instructor."

Ryan J. Tri City Police Department


"Cole's LEO Firearms Instructor class is the best Instructor classes I've been too. His teaching style is very easy to retain information and the way his classes are set up makes for smooth days. The chance to actually learn how to teach in the course is invaluable. Top notch class from a top notch guy!"

Marcel K.


"I’ve been a L.E. Firearms Instructor since 1997, and have taken a number of firearms instructor classes over the years, and Ballistic Defense’s L.E. Firearms Instructor course is one of the best. Cole covered everything a new instructor needs to know to get his courses POST approved, plus helps current instructors keep up with current and innovative training methods. His AR15/M16 malfunction drills is outstanding. Even though the weather was terrible, 40-50 degrees, strong winds and rain almost the entire time, Cole was able to keep us focused and on task. "

Jim J. Cottonwood County Sheriff's Office


"Cole did an outstanding job instructing the firearms instructors’ course. Having been to a few of these classes in the past I have to say this was the best yet. Good job Cole! It was a wonderful class that was full of fun and educational information. All very useful to instruct the officers within our department. Thank again for the great course."
Tim Y. Yellow Medicine County Sheriff Office

I just finished up the LE Firearms Instructor training with Cole and it was one of the best trainings that I've every experienced! Cole is an excellent instructor and very knowledgeable in every aspect! Cole has a great way of relating the material to real world applications that undoubtedly has and will continue to save many lives! His sincere dedication to law enforcement and to helping other officers be better trained and safer, on duty and off duty, shows through in every...thing he does! Cole has tons and tons of advanced trainings and experiences that he's put his heart and sole into achieving over many years, that has made him into an excellent officer, educator, instructor, person, resource, and friend. I highly, highly recommend any and every training that Cole is teaching or is a part of because it will be the best training you've ever been to!!
Thank you to Cole and everyone that was a part of this training, for helping me to become a better officer and instructor, so I can share what I learned with other officers in my department!! I'll definitely be attending more trainings with Cole in the future!!

Dan L. Granite Falls Police Department

"This course is so valuable that I will bring back this information and train my department with it. Cole is a strong instructor and keeps all engaged. This has helped me to problem solve issues that arise, which is priceless in training."
John H. Swift County Sheriff’s Office

"The quality of information that a person gains from this course is unbelievable. I think every officer should take a similar class. Not only do you learn instructor skills but you learn so much more that will be used on the job."
Will P. Mountain Lake Police Department

"Great Class! Student lead instructing on day 1 leads into an easy transition into running your own course of fire. Very hands on and practical training without unnecessary PowerPoints and boring lecture."
Dan D. Fillmore County Sheriff’s Department

"Cole Weick is one of the best instructors I have ever had train me. In 17 years of law enforcement I have not been challenged like I was in his firearms instructor class. If you get an opportunity to attend a class or send one of your officers I would highly recommend it."
Bill B. Minneota Police Department