This class fulfills all of the requirements for the SD enhanced pistol permit. We cover a lot of important topics that everyone who carries a firearm should know. This is the class required to apply for your enhanced permit. The permit itself will cost an additional $145 but the renewal fee is only $50 every 5 years making the enhanced permit the most economical option if you're interested in the additional reciprocity it offers.

Some of the topics covered are...
Firearms Safety
Defensive Tactics
SD Concealed Carry Laws
SD Use of Force Principles
How to defend your actions after a defensive shooting
How to interact with the police after a defensive shooting
& much more.

Current reciprocity map for the enhanced permit

Directions to Class

What to bring to the class

  1. Tuition for the class ($100)

  2. We'll supply everything else

What to bring to the qualification

  1. A pistol - There is no caliber requirements (do not bring any guns or ammo into the classroom)

  2. Ammo - 100 rounds but we recommend 150

  3. Safety Glasses

  4. Ear Plugs &/or Muffs

  5. Clothing adequate for the current weather

The next scheduled class is June 19th from 5PM-8PM in Watertown SD with the qualification the following evening from 5PM-7PM.

 $100 - Sign up for class below - we take payment the day of the class



"This was a great class, we learned A LOT and the instructors were awesome! Iā€™m new to having/handling a gun and Jacob was very patient and helpful when it came time for me to shoot. Thank you guys for your help and knowledge! We had a great time."

Rachel H.


"This was a fantastic class. It was organized, fast paced and extremely informative. I highly recommend this training."

Rosann L.


"I took the certification class for SD enhance concealed carry permit, and highly recommend these guys. Great information professionally presented!"

John H.


"Just earned my certificate for my SD Enhanced Permit this weekend. The instructors were great and very knowledgeable. All around an excellent experience! Highly recommended!"

Lindsay M.


"Went through the class for the South Dakota enhanced carry permit, very well put together very informative and great instructors. Had a great time and learned a lot about the laws and how to be a good concealed carry advocate"

Tanner H.